Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cocktail Dresses, Things You Must Know Before You Decide to Wear

If you are attending a party or event it important that you dress for the occasion. Being under dressed or over dressed could be embarrassing. Many women do not know when to wear a cocktail dress. Read this article to find out everything about cocktail dresses including when to wear them.Cocktail Dresses as the name indicates are worn in the Cocktail parties.

 They are generally short semi-formal outfits. Cocktail dresses are usually knee length but they can also touch ankle, sometime ending couple of inches above the ankle. Long cocktail dresses are also referred as Cocktail Gowns.Cocktail dresses can be worn on variety of occasions ranging from cocktail parties, proms and any semi formal occasion. Cocktail dresses are made from array of quality fabric material which include silk, satin and chiffon. While selecting a cocktail dress it important that it is exact to fit the person wearing it. A nicely fit cocktail dress personifies the beauty of the person, not the dress itself.When you receive an invitation to an event or a party it is important that you dress up appropriately for the occasion.

You should be mindful not to be under dressed or over dressed. Some invitations include the information about the dress code. Look for the terms like "casual dress," "semi-formal attire" or "formal wear required" as a clue. Depending upon how the invitation is received you can get an clue on how to dress up for the event. A casual dress is suitable if your invited over the phone or an email. If you receive an invitation in email, there are high chance that the is a formal event.

Cocktail dresses are most suited for a well planned semi-formal events.You should never wear a long sequined gown in the cocktail parties. Sequined gowns are more appropriate more formal events like anniversary or a wedding party.A good cocktail dress must also be paired with appropriate shoes, classy handbag, glittering jewelry and other accessories.

Do not forget about proper hair style. Good hair style enhances beauty of the dress. Because a cocktail dress exposes legs, shoes must be selected very carefully. Footwear matching the color of the dress is the best choice but you can select any color which compliments the dress.In old days, black colored short dress used to be popular choice for cocktail dress.

In the modern era color of a dress should be chosen based on the season. During spring, summer dresses in light pink, sky blue, pale green or yellow colors should be preferred. For winter dark shades should be preferred. Popular colors for cocktail dresses are gray, crimson, black, dark brown and dark blue.

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