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Fabric guide for cocktail dresses

Women are terribly fascinated when it comes to wearing a cocktail dress as it is a great opportunity to appear attractive, cut a smart figure and grab the attention of all the guests present. Attending a cocktail party or a social gathering that calls for wearing a formal cocktail dress gives women a great opportunity to show their femininity and appear provocative.

Wearing a cocktail dress is quite appropriate for fancy parties, opera or ballet, weddings and formal dinners. Selecting the right cocktail dress that eminently suits your body shape can produce a magical effect.

But, selecting a stunning cocktail dress is a daunting task and one easy way to select the right cocktail dress is to the understand the various fabrics that are used for making the cocktail dresses.

Even fashion experts suggest that once you have a thorough grasp of all the available fabrics, you can probably become an expert in selecting the most flattering dresses.

Silk is arguably the most expensive material for a cocktail dress and the favorite of all aristocratic women. Genuine silk provides a rich look unmatched by another and it has the natural sheen that will make heads turn. If you can afford it, you do not have to look beyond silk as a fabric for your cocktail dress.

Next to silk, satin is one of the most sought-after fabrics for cocktail dresses or evening dress or prom dress. Quite often the guests around will feel confused about silk and satin unless they have a prior knowledge of fabrics.

Satin is often woven with silk or made as a blend of silk and polyester or acetate .This is done more to make the price affordable and many women opt for this type of satin fabric as guests can be misled into believing this is silk. If you have budget constraints, search for polyester or rayon -both of which also appear as good as silk but priced more affordably.

Yet another elegant fabric for cocktail dress is chiffon. It certainly makes the wearer look romantic and every inch feminine. Gathered chiffon cocktail dresses or ruffled chiffon knee length cocktail dresses appear aesthetic on the dance floor. Like satin, chiffon fabric is also made from silk or a synthetic fabric like polyester. Due to its velvety look and flowing appearance, chiffon dress styles have become a great craze particularly during summer months.

Mention should be made of organza which is also a widely used fabric for cocktail dresses. Organza dresses are considered as a traditionally choice and is more favored by middle-aged women. A halter organza knee length dress with a colored sash will be eye-catchy.

Taffeta is one more traditional fabric for formal cocktail dress. It has no sheen like satin or a crisp hand like organza. In fact, taffeta is much heavier than satin but makes for a great cocktail wear during winter times. Experts suggest that sparkling crystals scattered on the dress will make it look even more stunning.

There are quite a lot of other fabrics for an enchanting cocktail dress like tulle, cotton, georgette, crepe, duchess satin etc and cocktail dresses made of these fabrics can also be alluring if crafted by talented designers.

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