Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tips For Choosing the Bridesmaid Dress

It has become a running joke in our culture that a bridesmaid dress is one of the ugliest garments you will ever be caught dead in, in public.  Usually a bridesmaid dress ends up going to Goodwill, in the garbage, or stuck in the back of a closet for years-gladly forgotten.  Many brides will try to convince their bridesmaids that the dress can be used for a cocktail dress after the wedding and that they will be able to wear it again, but unfortunately this is rarely the case.

If you are a bride to be, take pity on your bridesmaids and think outside the box when selecting the usually hated bridesmaid dress.  Try to select something that actually can be worn as a cocktail dress in the future-and proudly!  Typically you don't expect to wear your wedding dress again but that is for a reason.  You probably want to save your bridal gown a keepsake memory or even perhaps to hand down to your own daughter.  While your bridesmaids love you, I don't think they plan on holding onto their bridesmaid dress forever as a reminder of your wedding.  A photo will suffice.

One way to make sure that you choose a bridesmaid dress that won't end up in the garbage is to look to designer dresses.  This will let you know you are choosing something stylish not only for your wedding, but also for your bridesmaids to want to wear again.  You or your bridesmaids may not be able to afford the true designer dress but that doesn't mean you can't go shopping for cocktail dresses that look very close in style to the ones the top designers make.  Typically this is going to get you much better results than choosing a pseudo cocktail dress from a bridesmaids catalog.

Some designers that do specialize in bridal wear are now much more conscious that women don't want to put their bridesmaids in a cliche dress that just makes them look ridiculous.  Some of the designer collections to check out include Pronovias, Aire Barcelona, JLM Couture, and La Sposa.

One last important tip when choosing the perfect bridesmaid dress is to sit down and actually talk with your bridesmaids!  You may find that something you thought would be just perfect actually makes the women that are going to have to wear it cringe!  You may also find that that little inexpensive cocktail dress you fell in love with is also loved by all your bridesmaids and that the dress looks amazing on each and every one of them!

Ultimately every decision of your big deal is yours to make but you also don't want to make other people completely miserable just to follow your orders.  There is almost always a compromise and especially between close friends.  If you didn't trust and respect your bridesmaids' opinions, you wouldn't have chosen them to be your bridesmaids.  So whether you choose a cute little cocktail dress or a flowy casual summer dress, make sure it is a bridesmaid dress that not only you will love.

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